Raleigh N.C. *This exhibition is located in our new gallery, 1407 S. Bloodworth St.

Opening reception: Saturday April 27, 4:00-7:00pm

Closing reception: Saturday May 25, 4:00-7:00pm

Gallery hours by appointment; email us.

Anchorlight is proud to present the fourth in its series of exhibitions by Brightwork Fellowship artists at the end of their residency at Anchorlight.

Zugzwang 22 by André Leon Gray

This exhibition, which marks the artist’s 22nd year of art production, examines how the construct of racial identity is used as a political tool for control within social hierarchies on life’s chess board. The title, “Zugzwang 22,” is a word play on the phrase catch-22 and the chess term used to describe a situation where one's obligation to make the next move is a weakened disadvantage.

About the Brightwork Fellowship Program

The Brightwork Fellowship is a residency program located within Anchorlight that focuses on service, leadership, and professional development in the visual arts. The Fellowship provides opportunities to artists through exhibition, group critique, community engagement, and service learning experiences. Brightwork Fellows receive an individual studio as well as shared community work space in which to make their work uninterrupted for a period of one year. This combination of private and shared space fosters an environment of community support, the sharing of knowledge, discourse, and skill.