Elisabeth Effron

A Practice of Noticing: Photographs From The Weekly Hunt

Opening reception: Friday March 15, 6:00-9:00pm

Fourth Friday March 22, 6:00-9:00pm

Closing reception: Friday April 12, 6:00-9:00pm

Gallery hours by appointment. 

The Weekly Hunt is a community driven art project that teaches mindfulness practices through photography and social media. The goals of The Weekly Hunt are to use cell phone photography to practice moving slower through our days, to observe the world around us more closely, and to experience empathy when discovering experiences that are new and different than our own. The Hunt asks participants to consider the question: How deeply did you connect with, understand, or contemplate one moment, one person, one event today?

The work displayed in the Anchorlight Wilmington gallery represents images taken during the first four weeks of The Weekly Hunt printed on silk. Each visitor to the gallery is asked to contribute their own images to the project through social media and explore what mindfulness can add to their day to day experiences. For the run of this exhibition a Weekly Hunt specific to Wilmington has been created. Images submitted to The Wilmington Hunt will be displayed digitally at the closing reception. 

How to participate:

Using The Wilmington Hunt prompt below as a guide use your cell phone or personal camera to take photos throughout your week based on the prompt. Imagine each prompt is the title of the image you are creating.

Upload those photos to your Instagram page and tag @TheWeeklyHunt, #TheWilmingtonHunt

The Wilmington Hunt 

Like many places, Wilmington is going through physical transformations, is layered with diverse communities and and has seen complicated historical events.

One of the goals of The Wilmington Hunt is to see different perspectives of "home" to create a stronger and more connected community.

- What does community look like to you and your family?

- Where, when, why do you gather?

- Where are borders crossed?

- Past, present, and future.

- Where is the joy in being at home in a place?